The Ancient Egyptian Religion and its Deities

The ancient Egyptians were polytheistic, believing in and worshiping multiple gods and goddesses. In Egyptian Religion, there were about 200 deities. Some of these deities were depicted in human form, while others were represented as animals.

List of Major Egyptian Deities

  1. Anubis
  2. Ammit
  3. Osiris
  4. Isis
  5. Horus
  6. Seth
  7. Nefti
  8. Ra
  9. Sekhmet
  10. Hathor
  11. Bastet
  12. Maat

The Most Significant Deities in Ancient Egypt

Ra – The Sun God and Creator of the Universe

The god Ra was considered the creator of the universe and humankind. The pharaohs were considered sons of Ra in the ancient Egyptian belief system.

Isis – The Goddess of the Moon and Protector of Mothers and Children

Isis was the goddess of the moon and also served as the protector of mothers and children. She was married to Osiris and was the mother of the god Horus.

Thot – The God of Knowledge and Writing

He was considered the god of knowledge and credited with inventing writing. He was often depicted with the head of an ibis, a common bird in ancient Egypt.

Horus – The Falcon God and Protector of the Pharaoh

Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris and was depicted as a falcon. He served as the protector of the pharaoh in ancient Egyptian religion.

Osiris – The God of the Underworld and Fertility

Osiris was the god of the underworld and was also responsible for the fertility of fields, allowing plants to be reborn and grow. He was often depicted in green skin.

Anubis – The Jackal God and Protector of the Deceased

Anubis was depicted as a jackal and was considered the protector of the deceased and the embalmers.

Hathor – The Goddess of Love and Dance

Hathor was the goddess of love and dance and was often depicted with bovine horns.

Sobek – The Crocodile God and Master of the Waters

Sobek was considered the crocodile god and was revered as the master of the waters.

To honor their gods and goddesses, the ancient Egyptians built grand temples, each dedicated to a specific deity. Inside these temples was a statue of the deity to whom the temple was dedicated. Various ceremonies were held in front of these statues.

In conclusion, the ancient Egyptians believed in a vast pantheon of gods and goddesses, each with their unique attributes and responsibilities. They revered both natural elements such as the sun, moon, and Nile river, as well as animals such as the crocodile and cat. Through their temples and ceremonies, they showed devotion and respect to the deities they believed in.


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