The Greek Trireme: A War Vessel and Trade Ship

The Greek trireme

The Greek trireme was an innovative ship that played a crucial role in the ancient Greek civilization. The Greeks invented this ship as they sailed throughout the Mediterranean and encountered enemy peoples, which made it necessary to have boats for war purposes.

This ship was named “trireme” because it had three rows of oars on both sides of the hull, which allowed for faster and more agile movement.

What is a Trireme?

The Greek Trireme
The Greek Trireme

The trireme consisted of various components that made it a formidable ship. The rostrum, a wooden spur covered in bronze, was located in the lower part of the bow and was capable of breaking through enemy ships.

The mast and sail were also present but were lowered during battles. The helm-oar was at the stern, which allowed the ship to change direction. The eye painted on the bow was believed to bring good luck and make the journey easier.

The crew consisted of 200 men, including 170 oarsmen.

Greek Colonies: A New Beginning

Around 750 BC, some Greeks left their homes in search of new lands due to overpopulation and food scarcity.

They first settled in Asia Minor and along the coasts of the Black Sea, and eventually reached southern Italy. These territories became independent cities, but the inhabitants spoke the same language and worshiped the same gods as the Greeks.

The appearance of the colonies was similar to Greek cities, with the presence of agoras, theatres, temples, and ports.

The Spread of Greek Civilization

The colonies paved the way for the development of trade by sea, which was more affordable than trade by land. Greek merchants took products such as grain, fish, salt, timber, and other goods from the colonies, while colonists purchased refined crafts from Greece.

The use of coins made it easier for the Greeks to pay for goods as gold and silver coins were lighter and easier to carry.

Magna Graecia: The Birth of a Powerful Polis

The Greeks established many colonies, collectively known as Magna Graecia or “Great Greece,” in southern Italy and Sicily.

These colonies grew so rich and powerful that they surpassed the importance of Greek cities. The peasants grew wheat, barley, vines, and fruit, while artisans made pottery and jewelry. Merchants traded and sold throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

Famous Greek Colonies in Italy

The oldest Greek colony was founded in 770 BC on the island of Ischia. Along the coasts of Campania, the Greeks founded Naples and Paestum, while in Apulia, they founded Taranto.

The Greeks founded Metaponto in Basilicata and established Reggio Calabria in Calabria. They also founded Syracuse and Agrigento, the richest city in the Greek world, in Sicily.


The Greek trireme was an important ship that played a vital role in the ancient Greek civilization. Its design allowed for faster and more agile movement, making it a formidable war vessel.

The colonies founded by the Greeks allowed for the spread of Greek civilization and the development of trade by sea. Magna Graecia, a region in southern Italy and Sicily, became a powerful polis that was more important than the Greek cities.

The Greek colonies in Italy, such as Naples, Paestum, Syracuse, and Agrigento, had a significant impact on the ancient Mediterranean world.

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